• Dark Light working side by side. 5 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday mommy! Today was also a special day because we FINISHED our debut album, Loin de toi!! #mangel... 5 days ago
  • /\ NEW SHOW /\ Dark light will be performing at Soiree Afritude 2 in Montreal, May 30th, 2015. Get yo tickets now... 1 week ago
  • Omg I had 2 update my Top Five Rappers to include @Official_Tink! Guurl I KNOW we wld make mad tracks togethr, #1day @Timbaland #M-Angel 4 weeks ago
  • 'What does it mean to participate in Hip Hop vs appropriating Hip Hop?' Marshia Celina 💗, a question for a whole other panel hour @HHWmtl 1 month ago
  • Powerful | 'I wanna look like a black girl, but I dint wanna be treated like a black girl'. Definitely one of our issues. @Mags119 @HHWmtl 1 month ago