• Dreams Come True

    Dark Light

    Music video for DL original "Dreams Come True" in which a Dream Experiment attempts to make a lifeless marionette capable of dreaming. Unexpectedly, her dream of being alive comes true.

  • Cold As Ice (Dark Light Cover)


    Music video for "Cold As Ice", a Foreigner cover and remix. Originally, the plan was to film a simple video with various shots of Maixent -- M-Angel's younger brother -- just to have visuals for the song to facilitate sharing it with people.

  • Blown (ft. Chumastah)

    Dark Light

    Official short clip music video for "Blown" single, featuring Chumastah. "Blown" is the remix and aftermath to "Allow Me To Blow Your Mind." The video depicts a post-clubbing, post-party ambiance, where reflection and pride in latest achievements takes place.

  • Still Winter (ft. Chumastah)

    Dark Light

    Official music video for our "Still Winter" single featuring Chumastah, a remix of "Winter Never Ends" from the Beware The Fusion mixtape. It was entirely shot and produced in-house, and accurately depicted the cold dubstep song atmosphere.

  • All I Gotta Do (ft. Chumastah)

    Dark Light

    Dark Light's official music video for "All I Gotta Do" featuring Chumastah. The video was entirely shot and produced in-house, in an experimental way. The goal was to capture a recording session with Dark Light, and lighthearted fun with friends at a dinner party set to this music.